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Other Clinical

The Other Clinical (Non Medical) Workforce is made up of a number of regulated and unregulated occupational groups. In general, the Other Clinical workforces scope of practice involve client assessment followed by planned intervention and client review in accordance with specific competencies of each occupational group.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion workers encourage and support people to become healthy. They work in the community and give out information on how to stay fit and healthy. Health Promotion workers also advise people and organisations about what makes a safe and healthy working environment.

Positions in Health Promotion

Health and Safety Officer

Health and safety officers monitor workplace health and safety risks and hazards, and advise workers and managers on how to minimise or eliminate these risks and hazards. Some may also carry out nursing duties.

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Health Protection Officer/Environmental Health Officer

Environmental health officers/health protection officers monitor and investigate the health and hygiene of registered premises such as food or liquor outlets, camping grounds, hairdressers, swimming pools and mortuaries, and grant licences to them. They also investigate environmental problems or conditions that could endanger public health such as monitoring noise control of industrial sites, overcrowding in housing, contaminated water, air quality and rubbish accumulations.

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Health Promotioner

Works with people to plan and develop ways to improve and manage their health.

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Health Therapy

Health therapy workers give therapy to treat people with different health problems. They can specialise in different areas like ears (hearing), feet, speech, how the body moves and also helping people get back into work after a health problem or an accident.

Positions in Health Therapy


Specialises in hearing.

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Occupational Therapist

Helps people to be able to do their daily work and activities.

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Helps people who have a movement problem caused by an injury or disease become independent.

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Speech Language Therapist

Helps children and adults who have a communication or swallowing disability such as speech, language, thinking, voice or fluency problems.

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Treats and prevent foot and lower limb problems such as sports injuries or nail and skin surgery.

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Health Diagnosis

Health Diagnosis workers carry out tests and use technical equipment to confirm what kinds of health problems are affecting their patients. They also give advice, provide information, and develop programmes for people to improve their health and well-being.

Positions in Health Diagnosis


Specialise in eyes. They confirm and treat vision problems and eye diseases.

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Dietitians advise patients, communities and groups about their dietary requirements for maintaining good health, managing food services and food an nutrition issues.

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Researches and improves the quality of new food and drink. They also work on processing, packaging, storing food and making sure food is safe according to government and industry rules.

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Pharmacists are trained with knowledge of how to prepare and prescribe medicines. Pharmacists work in many areas of health including, hospitals, private drug companies and in the community. People will usually come in contact with a pharmacist at their local pharmacy.

Pharmacist positions

Community Pharmacists

Prepares and gives out medicine in a retail shop such as a chemist. Also gives information on health, disease prevention and using medicine properly.

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Hospital Pharmacists

Prepares and gives out drugs and medicines in a hospital.

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Industrial Pharmacists

Researches and tests everything to do with medicine. This includes making, storing, distribution and controlling the quality of medicines.

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Social & Welfare

Social and welfare workers endevour to improve the lives of people, groups, and societies. They do so by resolving social issues at every level of society and economic status, but especially among the poor and sick. They also help people with problems relating to the interaction with others, relationships, education, family, career, addictions, emotional and spiritual issues.

Social and Welfare positions


Investigates and treats people to help them achieve the best personal, social, educational and occupational development.

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Clinical Psychologist

Examines and treat people’s behavioural and mental health problems.

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Educational Psychologist

Works with students, parents, teachers and other health services to create a positive environment for students with learning and other difficulties.

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Organisational Psychologist

Helps improve the way people work, sort out work disputes, and helps people with their career. They can also help select people for jobs.

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Helps people understand and manage emotional and behavioural problems.

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Ministers Of Religion

Provides leadership, guidance and training for members of a religious group.

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Recreation Coordinator

Plans and manages community leisure programmes and events at different places.

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Social Worker/Welfare Worker

Helps support people with personal, social, emotional or money problems to develop and use the skills and resources needed to changing their social environment and resolve their problems.

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Counsellors help people to deal with their feelings and responses, and decide on actions they can take to solve problems.
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Counsellor positions

Drug And Alcohol Counsellor

Helps people with drug and alcohol problems. Helps people to set goals and change positively and provides community education. May work in a call centre.

Family And Marriage Counsellor

Helps families and couples with relationship problems.

Rehabilitation Counsellor

Helps people with physical, mental and social issues to get back into work and into the community.









Dental workers specialise in the health of the mouth, teeth and gums. Dental worker usually work in a team environment so there is a large amount of interaction with patients and co-workers. There are many dental workers that make up an effective dental health team. These include: dentists, dental technicians, dental therapists, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Dental positions


Study and treat diseases, injuries and problems of the mouth, teeth, gums and jaw. They also give patients information on keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

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Dental Technician

Dental technicians create and repair devices for the treatment, replacement and protection of damaged, crooked or missing teeth.

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Dental Therapist

Dental therapists provide children and adolescents with routine dental care. Dental therapists may refer clients to dentists for more specialised dental treatment if needed.ental therapists provide children and adolescents with routine dental care. Dental therapists may refer clients to dentists for more specialised dental treatment if needed.

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Dental Hygienist

Treats gum diseases and helps people to have good oral and. Gives out information about how to prevent oral disease by caring for teeth and gums.

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Dental Assistant

Helps dentists with patients and running the dental practice.

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