Cultural Connections

Once you register with Why Ora, as part of your journey with us, we can provide you with support to help you make cultural connections, such as connecting with your iwi, if this is something you would like to explore.

Everybody has a story. Some people grow up knowing their identity and whakapapa (genealogy and identity), while for others it feels new.  For some whānau it is a huge passion, while for others it is more of a gradual discovery.

For many of our whānau strengthening their cultural connections as Māori is an important part of their personal journey.  

Our Whānau Stories - Josh and Bree-Anna

For our whānau members Josh and Bree-Anna, making cultural connections has been a hugely important part of their personal journey. As a youth participating in Why Ora helped Bree-Anna to feel accepted, and for Josh getting connected with a kaumatua from his Iwi started his journey. Josh and Bree-Anna both took time out from university studies to increase and strengthen their Te Reo Māori, which they use daily in their work.

Joshua Manukonga - Taranaki Iwi

“With the help of Why Ora, I ended up being connected. It was at that point I really started to pursue learning Te Reo. That one moment is a great gift. It’s programmes like these that can help you get connected and stay in touch”

Bree-Anna Langton - Te Atiawa - Taranaki

“Growing up…I’d always known about my connection to Māori. I started in Why Ora as a Year 10.  It was a cool way for me to meet other Māori students. I felt really good being there, and it helped later when I was at university.”

Keen to Kōrero?

If you would like to explore more culture or whakapapa,
Why Ora can help you get more connected.